From the Saborit file: The murder charge

From the Saborit file: The murder charge

I am quite confident that Alexis Saborit is the first “Minnesota man,” as the Star Tribune likes to put these things, to behead his victim in broad daylight in front of witnesses. At least in that sense his murder case is historic. Today is another day on which Star Tribune has chosen to take a pass on any serious examination of the case and related facts.

When Saborit murdered America Thayer last week, he was on his way to court in Shakopee for a hearing in the November 2020 arson case charging him with three felonies. Saborit’s 2020 crime spree in that case culminated in a standoff with police. In that standoff he wielded a baseball bat and a machete.

Yesterday I posted the criminal complaint in the arson case here. Below is the criminal complaint filed this past Friday in the murder case. Attentive readers will note the appearance in both cases of the trusty machete with which Saborit decapitated America.

Complaint-Order for Detention (1) by Scott Johnson on Scribd

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