A new form of voter fraud in California?

A new form of voter fraud in California?

Mail-in voting is fraught with the danger of fraud. The obvious danger is that ineligible voters will cast ballots or have ballots cast in their name.

But now comes word from California that eligible voters are in danger of not being able to vote in person on the pretext that they have already voted. And guess what. It appears, anecdotally, that the voters who showed up to vote in the recall election but were turned away are Republicans.

KTLA, a Los Angeles outlet, reports on this development at a polling station in the West San Fernando Valley. You can watch that report here.

According to the report, those who were told they had already voted were able to cast a “provisional ballot.” Whether their votes will be counted when all is said and done remains to be seen. I hope we’ll also learn how it was that these citizens were erroneously deemed to have voted in the first place.

Maybe it was just a mistake. But if the victims were disproportionately Republican, the strong presumption will have to be that this was a deliberate effort by Democrats to suppress the vote.

Our democracy (to use a phrase Democrats love cynically to invoke) is only as good as the integrity of our voting. And thanks to the machinations of Democrats, the integrity of our voting is subject to serious, well-founded doubt.

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