Fakin’ it

Fakin’ it

(Scott Johnson)

The Biden presidency is weird in multifarious ways. One such weirdness is the animatronic quality we have observed in the Biden speeches. The ridiculous lying about “extraordinary success” of the Afghanistan bugout and the malicious disparagement of border enforcement agents have established another front of deep weirdness.

The multifarious quality of the weirdness is what strikes me about the story of fake White House set and the related headline “Truman show presidency.” The fake White House set is located in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building just across the street, or what used to be a street, west of the White House.

The Washington Examiner calls the South Court Auditorium in which the set is located the White House theater you never knew exited. The linked stories are full of tweets looking at the auditorium from a variety of perspectives and angles.

Has any previous administration used the set, or is it an innovation of the Biden era in media management? That is not clear to me from the stories. The floating allegation that Biden’s vaccination “booster” was fake is fruitcake city. In the words of the Paul Simon song, however, “This feeling of fakin’ it, I still haven’t shaken it.”

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