Georgia Gets the Last Laugh

Georgia Gets the Last Laugh

Of all the despicable acts of woke capitalism, Major League Baseball’s yanking the All-Star Game out of Atlanta might be the worst. MLB sided with the Democratic Party in a purely partisan dispute, cluelessly disparaging Georgia’s election reform legislation without ever saying what was wrong with it.

MLB’s partisanship cost Atlanta businesses a considerable amount of money, but Atlanta and the state of Georgia are getting the last laugh. The Braves are in the World Series! I don’t suppose Commissioner Rob Manfred will try to ban the Braves from the Series, or demand that Atlanta’s home games be played in a neighboring state, like Florida–no, wait–but rather will try to forget the whole thing.

Manfred pretty much has to attend the Series games, though, doesn’t he? I hope he gets an appropriately hostile reception in Atlanta. Let’s go, Brandon!

Georgia governor Brian Kemp took a victory lap:

Speaking of chopping on, Braves fans apparently are still doing the Tomahawk Chop. Is that permitted? Can Commissioner Manfred possibly sit still and observe such cultural appropriation without lodging a protest? We will see, I guess.

Meanwhile, a word of consolation for the Commissioner: in the 1980s and early 1990s, I was part of a group that had Minnesota Twins season tickets. We bought them when the team was at a low ebb, so the seats were terrific–in the fourth row, right on a line between first and second base. I attended the opening game of the 1991 World Series, in which the Twins faced Atlanta, and guess who was sitting immediately in front of me? Ted Turner and Jane Fonda. Fonda was in cheerleader mode and did the Tomahawk Chop non-stop for nine innings. It was rather endearing, really. But the point for Mr. Manfred is, you can be a far leftist and still participate in the Chop.

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