Matt Gaetz Endorses Trump Firebrand In Florida

Matt Gaetz Endorses Trump Firebrand In Florida

On Saturday, this GP contributor had the chance to attend a rally in Florida, where Congressman Matt Gaetz endorsed State Representative Anthony Sabatini in his campaign for congress in Florida’s 7th congressional district.

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“Matt Gaetz’s endorsement really solidifies the America First movement that is behind our campaign. We have Congressman Matt Gaetz, Senator Rand Paul, Congressman Marjorie Taylor Greene. Matt’s endorsement gives us a great deal of momentum,” Sabatini told TGP.

He also added that we need to arrest Dr. Anthony Fauci for his crimes, push the articles of impeachment against President Joe Biden, and second the motion from Congressman Matt Gaetz to make President Donald Trump the Speaker of the House of Representatives.

The rally, which was broadcast by Right Side Broadcast Network, and attended by hundreds of people, showcased the rage that activists in the America First movement have with the status quo. A dozen wore “Let’s Go Brandon” t-shirts, a reference to Bryson Gray’s song that has swept iTunes, surpassing Adele for the #1 spot.

“He is a fighter. He is worthy of taking congress back. We have to win it back with fighters, he has been the toughest fighter in the Florida House and he will be the toughest fighter in congress. With Anthony and I in congress, we will get the job done,” Gaetz told TGP. 

Gaetz also proclaimed that we need to seize $5trillion in reparations from the Chinese Communist Party to make up for their mishandling of this pandemic.

Anthony Sabatini is in a Republican primary to seek the GOP nomination to take on incumbent Stephanie Murphy, who has asked to relax tariffs on China and supported the impeachment of President Donald J. Trump.

You can view the whole rally below.

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