In other election news | Power Line

In other election news | Power Line

The New Jersey governor’s race is turning out to be interesting, as some predicted it would. With a little more than half of vote in, the Republican, Jack Ciatterelli, is leading the incumbent Democrat, Philip Murphy, by 3.4 points. Will the lead hold up? I have no idea. But this race is a lot closer than normal in New Jersey — more bad news for Democrats.

In Buffalo, New York, the socialist crackpot who defeated the incumbent mayor in the Dem primary is losing to the same guy, running as a write-in candidate, in the general election.

In Minneapolis, as John has reported, voters have roundly rejected a “defund the police” measure. The margin, as I write this, is more than 10 points.

In New York City, Eric Adams, a Democrat, is cruising to victory over his GOP opponent, as expected. Keep in mind, though, that Adams defeated left-wing Dems in the primary by running as a pro-cop (he used to one), pro-law enforcement candidate.

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