Xi Who Must Be Obeyed?

Xi Who Must Be Obeyed?

I hadn’t been following the succession of COVID variations, which the World Health Organization (WHO?) has been labeling in the sequential order of the Greek alphabet. So the last iteration before yesterday’s news was the “Nu” variant. So next in line should be the “Xi” variant. But no!—We have skipped over the Xi variant for some reason right to the Marvel Superhero “Omicron” variant. (Isn’t “Omnicron” a superhero character in some cinematic universe?)

Did the WHO really skip over the “Xi” variant to avoid offending China’s thin-skinned ruler, who will lock up anyone who compares him to Winnie the Pooh? All the more reason to trash all of these bureaucrats.

Cue Leo McKern on “Xi who must be obeyed” (just 30 seconds):


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