The Democrat Plan to Steal the 2022 Election Was Built Around Obama’s Corrupt AG’s Nationwide Redistricting Effort Knowing Republicans Would Fold

The Democrat Plan to Steal the 2022 Election Was Built Around Obama’s Corrupt AG’s Nationwide Redistricting Effort Knowing Republicans Would Fold

America is in a terrible position.  Lying corrupt Obama holdovers are running the country based on a stolen election with millions of invalid ballots.  They get away with what they can because it seems that only a few Republicans are pushing back.  

The Democrats expect to win the 2022 midterms.  You see this in everything they do.  We were warned.  If they got away with stealing the 2020 Election they weren’t going to stop, they never will.  On top of this, as they perfect their cheating ways with elections, they contaminated the census by not allowing for the census to record only those in the country legally, and now they use these fraudulent results to determine the number of congressional seats in each state.

Their plan was to use lawfare to steal more seats across the country in redistricting efforts while Republicans cower or pretend they don’t see what’s going on.

Populist Press reports on an article at the Republic Brief that explains what’s really going on.

In the past year, the former Attorney General of former U.S. President Barack Obama, Eric Holder, has developed a gerrymandering strategy in which he aggressively gerrymanders state legislative districts and state congressional districts throughout the nation.

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The Wall Street Journal reported Holder’s success was a result of his “sue to blue” strategy after Obama was destroyed in the 2010 redistricting cycle. Under the National Democratic Redistricting Committee that Holder was responsible for creating, Holder was reportedly instrumental in reducing the aggressiveness of Republican legislatures by developing a plan under its auspices.

According to reports, Holder has aggressively used the court system to create gerrymandered state maps – and then accuse Republicans of gerrymandering their way to victory:“gerrymandered” — all the while accusing Republicans of gerrymandering their way to victory:

Any number of state and federal judges intervened and redrew maps to favor Democrats.

We reported on this, how states like New York and Illinois are creating crazy districts so they can eliminate as many Republican Districts as possible.

While GOP States Like Missouri and Florida Propose Gifting Dems with Congressional Seats in Redistricting, Dem States Destroy GOP Seats

We’ve also reported on how scared politicians in states like Missouri give away seats to Democrats rather than stand up to Democrat lawfare.

EXCLUSIVE: Lt Gov Mike Kehoe Reportedly Behind Congressional Redistricting in Missouri that Gifts One or Two Districts to the Dems

President Trump called out Mitch McConnell for not doing a damn thing while the Democrats manipulate redistricting and destroy the country.

“And the Old Broken-Down Crow Mitch McConnell Sits Back and Does Nothing” – President Trump Releases Statement on GOP Getting Screwed in Redistricting

With President Trump gone, there is no one standing up to the Democrat crimes and their destruction of America.  This is why they went so far as to steal the 2020 Election.  Democrats knew that President Trump was the only thing preventing them from taking complete control and turning the US into a communist state. 

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